Netball is a great sport!

I have played netball for 6 years and enjoyed every single year. I played school netball for 5 years and played Life Be In It for 2 years. I was best at WA (wing attack)  then GS (Goal Shooter) NOW I’m great at GK (Goal keeper) and GD (Goal Defence)! Unfortunately my year 7 team has ended we only had 6 players and borrowed a player from the year 6 team but then one of our players got sick and couldn’t play.

 I love netball and hope to play next year!

Charlotte 🙂

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Junior Masterchef Challenge


Last week  our class participated in a masterchef challenge. We had an hour and a half to make a dish of our choice but we had to follow certain guidelines which were: 



  • We had to make an entree, dessert or drink
  • We had to be in groups of four
  • It had to be reasonably healthy
  •  TASTY!
  • Simple to make
  • Designed for a specific age group (e.g school kids)
  • Must not cost  more than $20
  • Be presented with style
  • Clean station at the end of the challenge

My group  (Maddy, Jassy and Sira) made maki zushi (sushi). We made tuna, veggie w/ avocado, veggie without avocado and teriyaki chicken. My personal favourite was teriyaki chicken. For the Teriyaki chicken I boiled the chicken then let it cool then I added the sauce and mixed it so there was an even coating of sauce on each piece. The most difficult part for me was building the sushi and cutting the sushi up.

We are cooking again in week 6!

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Ink Exchange


Hey Guys,

This is the Second book in the Wicked lovely series Ink Exchange!

It’s about one of Aislinn’s best friends Leslie. She lives in a difficult home her mum left when she was young, her dad is an alcoholic and her brother is a drug dealer. She is in high school. She wants a tattoo with inky-black surronded by wings like shadows coalescing.” But the image is more than  just tempting art, and it draws Leslie in to the world of shadows and desire – into the world of faerie.”

It is a great book! All of this series is definitely based for teenage girls. See if you can buy this book in your local Big W or book store.

Bye for now! Charlotte 🙂

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wicked Lovely


Hey guys,

I have been reading a Great book series called Wicked lovely! The first book is Wicked lovely. It’s about a girl called Aislinn who can see faeies. The faries have  4 different courts Summer, Winter, Dark and High. The Summer King is determined that Aislinn will be his queen but the Winter Queen doesn’t want that so she orders the Winter girl to tell Aislinn not to trust Keenan (Summer King). It’s all the twists and turns of Aislinn’s life!

I would recomend it to female teenages because it has a more girly theme.

Bye for now! Charlotte 🙂 

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Merry Christmas!!!



It is I ELMO! no actually It’s me Charlotte!

I would just like to say Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE U have a get Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!

What do u guys want for Christmas?



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Hello world,

My latest post is about our schools 6-7 productions. They were so FUN!!!!

Our play was Cinders short for Cinderella. We would spend most of term 2 practising and the last weeks  of term 1 auditioning. Auditioning for the roles were much harder than I expected. most of the girls in my class went for cinders. It was very fun watching audition for parts that it didn’t go for. I had so much fun practtising and watching people practice.

Our classes parts are:

Narrators:Trevy and Millie






Lord Gripington:Nick

Cruel Step-Sisters:Rachael and Emily


Royal Announcer:Alex

Fairy Godmother:Olivia


Shifter’s assistants:Kellie,Hannah.P,Jasmine

Paper Sellers:Tori and Zoe

Wishy and Washy:Sira and Victoria

Prince’s Body-Guards:Jackson,Hamish and ME!

Ladies-in-waiting:Chelsea, Amelia and Hayley

So thats our star cast!

Thanks for reading!!!!

Monorail, Express 26th October 2006,Disney – Cinderella Castle Mosaic Selective Coloring 14/7/2011.cinderella 


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Literature Circles


Hello bloggers,

I have a book I’m reading at the moment you may think it’s just for pleasure but it’s for school. My book is so cool it’s called Mother’s Day it’s all about a girl called Molly and she hasn’t seen her mum in ages and shes getting worried because she would usually write to her but now shes stopped. Now all of a sudden theirs a big change  for them all (Molly, Shaurn Molly’s dad,Lelia her step mum and Locky her step-brother). I can’t tell you the big surprise. The people in my group are Victoria, Tori, Hannah F, Zoe, Erin G and ME! blog mother's day 

SEE YOU!!!!!

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100 Word Challange!


Hi bloggers,

 My class and I did a 100 word challange it was hard not to go over or under 

Here it is!

When the bride came down the aisle everybody’s stared. She was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen she had a tiara that glimmered in the moon light when the vows had been said they kissed and everybody clapped and cheered apart from Tim’s (groom) secret admirer Rachael. She was so jealous the only way Lotte had been married to Tim was Rachael had shown Lotte her boyfriend Tim then Tim had left Rachael to get together to Lotte. When the beautiful, loved couple had driven away Rachael had ran away and burst in to tears .she was miserable.

Here is the site. Click on “Here is the site” to get to the site then search 1oo word challenge!!!! 


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Rocking around the clock!


In room13 (my class) we are do a dance part of come out. We are dancing to rock around the clock and my partner is Hannah. P. We have learnt loads of things just in four weeks! Hannah and I are doing a separate, jump from side to side and a over the rainbow spin to have a look at an example just visit I have really enjoyed learning the routine so much! At the start we have girls are getting leapfrogged over by boys and then we have two cartwheelers then there comes the last group then we are all dancing! let’s boggie! We even have our own costumes the girls wear a skirt, plain top, scarf and socks and the boys wear jeans, plain top and socks. We are perforing on friday the 2nd April. So exciting!

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Hong Kong!


I’m going to Hong Kong in the Easter holidays with my Nana, Mum, brother and me.Firstly it was just my grandmother and grandfather but then my grandfather had to have surgey  on his eye so  they he asked if we wanted to go instead. When I first heard I was so excited that I couldn’t wait!

So far I have 150 Hong kong dollars!

 That is about $25 aussie dollars!




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